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Psychological, drug-free strategies to assist with sleep issues in adults and older adults.

  • Trouble falling asleep

  • Waking frequently during the night

  • Waking too early

  • Disordered sleep - wake patterns

  • Insomnia due to worry and stress

  • Adjusting to CPAP

  • General counselling services also available


Sleep is vital for good health and wellbeing throughout the whole of life.  Left untreated, sleep-wake disorders can have serious consequences on your physical and mental health.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) has been shown to be the most effective long-term treatment for insomnia.


CBT-I works by identifying and targeting beliefs about sleep that may be contributing to anxiety and distress about sleep. Used with relaxation and mindfulness techniques, it aims to help you gain control over your sleep.

Working with a psychologist is also an effective way of treating any underlying problems, rather than just the symptoms, helping to develop healthy sleeping patterns for life. 

Wake feeling refreshed


I am a registered psychologist with over 20 years’ experience working with people of all ages.  I am a member of the Australian Association of Psychologists Inc., registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and a registered Medicare provider. 


Over the years, I have noticed that sleep problems are common, and often interact with other mental health issues.  Sleep, exercise and diet are the three cornerstones of good health, yet we often pay little attention to sleep.  Poor sleep reduces our productivity, makes us feel stressed and less able to cope with the demands of life.  Poor sleep effects our relationships, our physical health and our quality of life.  Sleep, stress, depression and anxiety often go together, and it’s sometimes difficult to figure out what is causing what.

Working with a psychologist, you can understand more fully what is keeping you

awake at night, create a safe space for sleep, learn ways to relax your body and

mind before bed, and cope with any stress or trauma related nightmares.


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Service is by appointment only. 

Macarthur House

Macarthur Street

Ballarat Central 


M: 0415 340 423

F: 5324 2190

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